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House Phuket for people who want to Buy and Sellers-Lessor a house, condo, luxury villa, as well as a complete range of residential properties."

We collect information on Sellers-Lessor of houses, condos, and villas in the Phuket area, whether new houses, second-hand dwellings, condominiums, or luxury villas. Bring your property to be promoted with us for free. Or pay the website rental fee if you want to contact the buyer directly. With various channels, Real coverage and reach to buyers.

If you are a buyer who wants to avoid the risk or various problems related to the law, we are a team of Professionals real estate. If you are a seller House, Condo, or Villa To buyers directly, we are happy to be a medium will lead you to the goal. If you want to Lessor your House, Condo, or Villa directly to the rental, we will be happy to be a medium that will lead you to the goal. You can choose whether to rent. (You will earn your own profit) or post it for free. For the client you are looking for a house in Phuket Please contact us. We are ready to facilitate. And a consultant you can trust.

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Line: @housephuket    

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